Belum Rainforest Villas

Situated at the heart of Banding Island, Belum Rainforest Villas nestle discreetly amidst a backdrop of lush rainforest foliage and the emerald-green waters of the lake. A total of 45 exclusive villas are perched upon a hill or rise above the lake's edge where they enjoy natural ventilation from winds flowing across the lake and through the trees.

In line with the preservation and appreciation of the natural surroundings, they will be built using eco-friendly materials and techniques. The Villas offer beauty and tranquility for those in need but they serve another purpose as well. The Belum Rainforest Villas are a way for visionary buyers to leave behind a legacy. A portion of their investment will go towards the Pulau Banding Foundation for the upkeep of the Pulau Banding Rainforest Research Centre where researchers work towards solutions the natural way. While prices for these highly sought-after bespoke villas range from USD3-5 million, think of the legacy these visionaries will leave behind for generations to come.