Principles & Guidelines

To accomplish our VISION, a set of guiding principles have been drawn up for the adoption of future investors and professionals in the property development and eco-tourism industries in Pulau Banding.

They include the followings: -

The development shall be sustainable, i.e. It must be economically viable and ecologically manageable in the long term, conducted in an ethical manner and be socially equitable for the local community.
The development process shall envisage and practice comprehensive management of resources in order to ensure its viability, thus enabling the environment and its surroundings particularly the protected areas, to be preserved.
The development shall take into consideration the conservation of the natural landscape of Pulau Banding and its surroundings.
The development shall recognize the importance of balancing the need for the preservation of nature vis-à-vis the need to promote eco-tourism.
The development shall act as a catalyst to provide diversity of economic opportunities to the local community.
The development shall endeavour to integrate the natural, cultural and human environment.
The development practices shall comply with the requirements of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report.
The development shall ensure an acceptable evolution on natural resources, biodiversity and the capacity for assimilation of any impact and residues produced.
The development shall ensure the reasonable involvement and shall take into consideration the interests of the local community, in particular, the 'Orang Asli' community.
The development shall adhere to all relevant statutory requirements, regulations, terms and conditions.
The investors shall contribute a portion of profits from the development for the continuous funding of the research centre.
The introduction of premium pricing on various types of accommodation provided shall be justified by having elements of product differentiation.