Banding Island

Banding Island is a 243-hectare inland island encircled by the Temengor Lake. The fact that it is a 130 million year old rainforest island speaks for itself. It is Banding Island's history that makes an interesting story. Banding Island is surrounded by a man-made lake created in the late 1960s by constructing the Temengor Dam and flooding the valleys of the Upper Perak River and its tributaries.

Initially the construction of the dam was to generate hydro-electric power and to deprive communist terrorists then of one of their few remaining infiltration routes from their bases in southern Thailand. But now it is also a haven. They say no man is an island, but there are times when it is necessary to be an island and away from it all. Banding Island hums with an incredible diversity of life, it is that very place for you to find solitude and to be one with nature.

EMKAY Group envisions the development of Banding Island as a vital introduction to Royal Belum State Park and aims to position it as a premier heritage destination on the world ecotourism map. Hence the Pulau Banding Charter where corporates, non-profit organisations and the state government work hand in hand in protecting the interests of this natural phenomenon.