Pulau Banding Charter (Banding Island Charter)

Establish effective alliances among the key players in the field of ecotourism and property development which includes the Perak State Government, all related Ministries and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with the purpose of soliciting their full commitment and support. The conservation, protection and appreciation of nature requires the cooperation, commitment and active involvement of all parties, public and private: underpinned by a deep sense of mutual respect and understanding at local, national, regional and international levels.
Promote effective management and enforcement by the Perak State Park Corporation for the Royal Belum State Park and Forestry department for Temengor Forest Reserve and Belum Forest Reserve.
Promote the development of an Integrated Management Plan for the development of Banding Island.
Incorporate the relevant guidelines and policies stipulated in the National Physical Plan.
Promote the protection and conservation of Royal Belum State Park as a national heritage.
Adopt a development practice in a manner that is not detrimental to the environment of Banding Island and its surroundings.
Take into consideration not only the social and physical structure but also the interest of the local population particularly the Orang Asli community.
Promote the setting up of a fully-equipped and effectively-run "One-Stop Centre" in Banding Island to facilitate the speedy processing of entry permits with the firm support of all relevant authorities to respective restricted areas.
Develop, manage and maintain a "Research Centre" in Banding Island for the comprehensive study of tropical rainforest ecosystem, both terrestrial and aquatic.
Provide a mixed range of accommodation and public amenities to cater for various levels of visitors and tourists.